Boyd's Commentary for the Sunday School 2015-2016- eBook (Electronic Version)

EBOOK VERSION. This 2015-2016 Boyd's Commentary continues the tradition of excellence established through the years. Sunday school directors, teachers, and students are again provided with a scholarly, stimulating, insightful, and resourceful Sunday school lesson commentary. Readers will find in its pages information that will provide the necessary insight to rightly divide the Word of God (see 2 Tim. 2:15). 

Four major themes are explored in this year's commentary. The first theme is "The Christian Community Comes Alive" (September- November 2015), the second theme is "Sacred Gifts and Holy Gatherings" (December 2015- February 2016), the third is "The Gift of Faith" (March 2016- May 2016), and the fourth theme is "Toward a New Creation" (June 2016- August 2016).

  • ISBN: 9781681670768
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