R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation is recognized as a leading producer of a wide variety of literature and church supplies for over 100 years. We specialize in the development of contemporary Christian education materials for churches and families that provide positive African-American imagery and nurturing Christian values.

Annually, we produce and distribute millions of periodicals across the United States and throughout the world, and we reach a customer base comprised of thousands of churches, individuals, and bookstores.



A full-service printing company, R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation offers your business an alternative within the printing industry.

With top-quality machinery at our on-site facility, we are able to provide you with outstanding results using modern technology without sacrificing quality.

From books and manuscripts, to brochures and catalogs, RHBPC can deliver your commercial printing needs. Our Marketing, Publications, and Operations departments are all under the same roof. This allows us to keep our overhead cost down, which means a savings for commercial printing opportunities.

Writers and Manuscript Submission

R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation (RHBPC) depends upon the diversity of background and experience that freelance writers bring. While we openly pursue a diverse pool of writers, there are basic qualifications that interested persons must have in order to write for RHBPC. Writers must have experience working in and with the community of faith and the appropriate biblical and theological training that allows them to interpret and apply the biblical text.

Additionally, if you are considering publishing a book, we cordially invite you to send us a copy of your completed manuscript. There will be no obligation to you, and you can be assured of a courteous, timely reply. Your manuscript represents your own personal accomplishment, and we would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with you in bringing it to print.

Interested parties should write, call, or email the following:

R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation

Attn: Publications Division

6717 Centennial Boulevard

Nashville, TN 37209

Phone: 615.350.8000, ext. 240

Email: dgroves@rhboyd.com