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R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation specializes in writing, publishing, printing, and distributing the finest Christian curriculum for the African-American and diverse markets. Our five main categories are Boyd’s Commentary, Sunday School, Contemporary Training for the Church (BTU/CTC), Mission Guides, and Vacation Bible School. Within these disciplines, students of Christ will find dynamic lessons, activities, online resources, and gain a deeper knowledge of Christian values.

Boyd’s Commentary

Boyd's Commentary

Boyd’s Commentary for the Sunday School is a scholarly work that equips the teacher and enlightens the student, enabling both to increase their knowledge of the Word of God. Sunday school directors, teachers, and students are provided with stimulating, insightful, and resourceful Sunday school lessons. Its design allows the user to quickly grasp the volume of information presented in this study.  Its verse-by-verse format provides the best approach to prepara¬tion, presentation, and implementation of the principles. The information is doctrinally accurate. It is inductive in approach and international in appeal. Its purpose is to reveal the will of God as one studies the Word of God so that the reader might do the work of God.

This 320 page book also comes with the Commentary Study Notes and the online supplement, which is an interactive supplement containing a glossary of Hebrew and Greek terms that unearth the rich treasures to be found in the study of the original languages, as well as extensive resources and suggestions for teachers.

Sunday School 

The Sunday school curriculum includes eleven individual student and teacher books that are age-appropriate (children, youth, and adult) and a commentary for in depth biblical and theological studies. These books are developed from matrixes and scriptural outlines of the International Sunday School Lessons. This curriculum uses learning methods and styles based on the most recent educational trends and theories to advance Christian knowledge and faith. Popular titles include Adult Christian Life, College & Career, Master Teacher, Growing with Jesus, and many more.

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Contemporary Training for the Church

Baptist Training Union Presents Contemporary Training for the Church (BTU/CTC) is a new curriculum designed to meet the needs of a growing, progressive church. It is an age-appropriate curriculum that will nurture the growth and development of the church by offering new and exciting ways to teach and learn about the Bible, Christian doctrine, and church history. It challenges the church to move beyond traditional methods of learning history and doctrine, and it uses graphics and fun-filled activities to enhance and stimulate the learning process to encourage a natural progression from learning to practice. Popular titles in this new series include Adult Enlightener, The Next Generation, Young Believers, Trailblazers, and many more.

Mission Guides

Mission Guides are devotional and instructional manuals that provide weekly or monthly biblical and theological insight into select passages of scripture for mission-oriented groups that minister to others both inside and outside the church. These lessons also include historical information on the development and practical work of particular mission-oriented auxiliaries. They are an important resource for advance work in the area of Christian Missions. Women’s Home & Foreign Mission, Mission #2 Auxiliary, and Y.W.A. & Jr. Women’s Auxiliary are the titles in this series.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

The Vacation Bible School theme for 2014 is “Keeping Your Space Clean and Green.” This VBS series is a call of attention to God’s directive to take care of the earth. It is a five-day study for the entire family that contains lessons, activities, a musical CD, and crafts.

After God created the world, He charged human beings with the responsibility to take care of it. Genesis 1:28 records God commanding the first parents to take care of the earth and invest their time and effort in maintaining it as the bedrock and supporter of life for generations to come. In Genesis 2:15, they are specifically placed in the garden to work and keep it up. That is to say they were instructed to act as God’s stewards in main¬taining a viable living space and preserving the land for future generations.